Welcome to 10builders10tools Official Website, 10builders10tools is a minecraft server that promises its players vanilla survival gameplay with PvP, a neverending world and no rules. The IP is 10b10t.org. The old world has been lost / reset due to admin abuse, and illegal items. The world is 10GB with approximately 2,000 different players saved ((Last updated 13/10/2020)).


We also have a discord server for 10builders10tools, and it is for updates, discussion, and others. Join right now at http://discord.io/10b10t

Server Ownership Transfer

Hello 10b10t.org Community, As we all know that the owner of 10b10t.org is Server Owner Not For Fun, a.k.a Win. And, recently he has been really tired of 10b.org. Here is a message from him announcing what is happening.
"Hey @everyone, so I've been so f****** stressed because of my irl stuff and the server. So, I decided to leave, yes, leave the anarchy / 10b10t community for sometime. This is because the 10b10t.org server spam bu****** has been f****** up my brain and my life. So, I am thinking of making @Pistonmaster an admin on the actual minecraft server or maybe @BrontoGames. But still, I don't wanna f*** with this sh**. Plus, It's annoying for me to look for spam, or server ips bu******. I know i should "ignore" it, but still it's still in my head on what the f*** should I do with it. I will try making it so the server will restart for it self and shit. God im tired of this advertising, sh******."
And so, he decided to give the server to his friend, Pistonmaster, another administrator on 10b10t. Plus nthe upcoming new host that is going to be hosting the server is also why he decided to give to his friends. executed, is the person who will be helping to host the server, he also wanted to help owning / moderating 10b10t.org, and so, it came into a final agreement that there will be a new administration team, consists of BrontoGames (Owner of mandochanism.com), Pistonmaster (Administrator of 10b10t.org), and executed (The person who will help owning the server), this also means that the server's ownership will be given to the new 10b10t Administration Team, and Win / Server Owner Not For Fun will still have a partial control on 10b, but is not in the new Administration Team because he wanted to leave the community. So, I about 1 - 2 days the server will go offline and while it's offline they will transfer the files, and give it to the new administration team and the new server. This includes the 10b10t.org Official Website, the 10b10t.org Minecraft Server, The 10b10t.org API (TPS, Players, Playercount), and the authentication website & server. The new server specs that is public, is Intel i7, 10 - 20 GB of RAM (depending on the server usage), and 1 TB storage.