For 10b10t, we accept donations from players. The server costs about 10$ per year, which is actually the only price for the main 10b10t server. For the domain it costs 14$ per year. In total of 24$ per month. This amount of donations will be towards the server, I do not intend to gain profit out of this.

Why should you donate to 10b10t.org

If you are a player on our server you would know that in order to kept the server running, we need to pay for the server approximately 27$ per month (The VPS server and the domain 10b10t.org).
Is there any donation perks from donating?
Yes! We have donation perks just like any other servers. We use a donator system, so it would be simple to understand. Here are the list :D
1. Donator 1 - This will give you simple in-game perks, such as getting your own namecolor (/nc command).
2. Donator 2 - This will give you more in-game perks, such as getting your own a name color, and a nickname command, which you can change it at anytime! How can I donate? Please go to, http://donate.10b10t.org.